Add Beauty To Your Interiors With Venetian Blinds
21 Jan 2022
Looks matter the most! Well, we might purchase a house for safety and comfort, But after a hard day’s work, it is always a satisfying feeling to be back home having beautiful, attractive home interiors.

A beautiful home interior speaks a lot the overall status of a person in society. And today, we are living in a world where not all can afford big bungalows or houses, so decorating your flat with a proper interior gives a satisfying feeling and becomes essential.

So, keeping your needs in mind and to make your home look fantastic, we have designed Venetian blinds that can enhance the beauty of your living space.

Some Awesome Features Of Our Venetian Blinds 

01 Durability

Though our Venetian blinds are made to enhance the beauty of your home, the products are also among the industry’s best when it comes to durability. 

Our Modern Precious Metals Aluminium Blinds are made with an exclusive, spring-tempered alloy that allows the slats to bounce back even during rough treatment.

02 Available In Different Colours 

The blinds you install should match your decor and enhance the beauty of your house. Keeping these things in mind, we offer a fantastic variety of finishes and textures, such as matte, metallic, and pearlescent, in a wide range of hues.

03 Decorative Tapes 

Decorative tapes are offered in multiple colours and patterns to provide a unique look to your window.

04 Enjoy The Outside View 

No one likes blinds to be closed 24/7. Still, safety is also essential, and so, if you want more views through your Venetian blind, you must consider the MagnaView feature, which provides double the view-through of ordinary aluminium blinds. The unique MegaView Venetian Blind comes with a patented mechanism that pulls the slats together in pairs when you open them. 

This causes the space between the slats to double in size, giving you a great, unobstructed view of the outside. It also provides privacy as it closes fully like other Venetian blinds.

05 Controls Light Beautifully

Hunter Douglas’s Modern Precious Metals Collection controls light beautifully in every weather condition. It has a beautiful and exclusive design and is available in a range of fashionable colours and exceptional textures,

So in summer, it saves your electricity by controlling light and heat and enhancing your productivity without shattering your outdoor viewing experience. It offers excellent light control and privacy with a classic style that works with every décor.

Some Awesome Venetian Blinds Offered By Hunter Douglas 

Hunter Douglas Sandwich Venetian Blind features an insulated glass having efficient tilt solar control and a contemporary design. It offers better solar insulation and privacy control than most blinds.

01 Sandwich Venetian Blinds 
  • Designed for modern glass buildings, which require excellent solar control to avoid overheating, Hunter Douglas’s Sandwich Venetian blind gives you the desired solar control and reduces the consumption of electricity as A.C use gets reduced. It also enhances your productivity by keeping the solar heat outside and protecting you from harmful sun rays. Definitely, a go-to option, especially for people living in a humid climate
  • The louvres reflect light and help create your desired level of room comfort.
  • Maintains your privacy and glare control through its variable controls.
  • It reduces sunlight penetration by 94% and thus, allows you to customise control over the light entering your room.
  • Hunter Douglas Sandwich Venetian Blind incorporates innovative design with optimum light control, functional architecture and fuss­-free maintenance.
02 Wood Venetian Blind
  • An excellent combination of traditional design meets modern design. Wood Venetian blind is a classic product, but it has found its place in modern interior decoration.
  • Its natural beauty and elegance provide a classy look to your home.
  • Available in both manual and automated control system
  • You can select from natural finishes or painted woods.
03 ​ Venetian Blinds
  • A fantastic product from Hunter Douglas treated with the three coatings and three baking double-sided enamel baking varnish patented process with rich, lasting colours, ensuring that after bending, it can recover instantly.
  • The slats are designed with great precision and have a uniform colour. They are moisture-resistant, and colour fastness is also excellent. 
  • The pinhole Venetian blinds are made using laser technology, ensuring uniform opening and shield light without obstructing the scenery outside the window.
  • We have used copper and high strength plastics to provide accessories that have high strength and exquisite design, along with extended life and flexible and light operation. 
  • With its unique dimming overload protection design, the wand will not be damaged even if dimming is too much. This ensures that the service life of the blind is prolonged.
  • The slats have excellent elasticity and strength and do not deform easily. 
  • We have designed the slats with a variety of colours, and they are equipped with the same colour system bottom slot ladder rope, thus enabling customers to meet their individual requirements of interior decoration.
Looks, durability, functionality, comfort, automation, temperature control, heat control, great support, and many more things are what you get when you opt for Hunter Douglas blinds. The products we offer are tested, and many of our products use patented technology. So, over the years, we know what our customers want and make outstanding products that are unmatched in functionality and style.