Add Magic to your Home Window Shades with PowerView® Automation

Add Magic to your Home Window Shades with PowerView® Automation
12 May 2021
The biggest lesson that we have learned in the last one year is that we all are going to spend a lot more time inside our houses than hopping around the world. At least that’s how things are likely to be in the next few years.  Thus, it is a great time to transform our homes into comfortable havens with stylishness that can enhance our living experience.

What’s even better is that the world’s most beautiful window treatments from Hunter Douglas, the globally renowned window shades and automation brand are now available in India. Aptly named ‘PowerView®’, this is a mighty window treatment that helps you fulfil all your expectations with your home windows, automatically. 

The Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation comes with an integrated PowerView® App which can be installed on Android or iOS smartphones. The App provides you with the full range of features to meet your needs of privacy, light-control, energy-efficiency and viewing preferences etc. 

For instance, if you wish to create a uniform fuzzy vibe in the morning where the first rays of the sun in the morning gently enter your home and wake you up naturally, you can do so  by automatically scheduling the window blinds to open accordingly!

Similarly, your home office’s window treatments could be scheduled open to let you watch the sun go down after a productive day at work. PowerView® Scheduling feature opens up endless possibilities as far as creating scenes are concerned. If you live in a high-rise, you could use the POWERVIEW® APP to open the window blinds and enjoy the night lights of the city or the beauty of monsoon rains as per the season. 

While living the indoor life, you could also control your Hunter Douglas PowerView® window treatments to enjoy desired views of outdoors without compromising on your preferred privacy settings. You can also schedule the window treatments to move in sync with the sun’s movement throughout the day. This would help in ensuring that your home interior temperatures remain pleasant while consuming less electricity. By using the PowerView® Automation in combination with home device, you can literally make your window shades dance to your fingertips. 

The PowerView® Automation is not merely a window shade automation solution that can work only through a smartphone app, but, it can also be operated smoothly through various options such as hand-held or wall-mounted remote controllers apart from the PowerView® App which is an innovative app that turns your smartphone into a remote control allowing you to control a specific window shade or all the window coverings of your home simultaneously. The App works in tandem with the PowerView® Hub and has a RemoteConnect feature which allows you to control your window shades even when you are far away from the home. 

PowerView® Hub can be easily called as the brain of the entire PowerView® Automation system. It is an elegantly designed device which connects to your home Wi-Fi and provides you all the control features for your Hunter Douglas window treatments throughout the home. The PowerView® Hub can store your customized settings, schedules and activate them automatically. However, if you feel that there are some signal issues in parts of your home away from the Hub then you can add a PowerView® Repeater to overcome this challenge. 

The PowerView® Repeater is a small signal booster that can be discreetly plugged into any AC outlet in the part of the home where the signal range is found to be weaker. It allows extension of the signal range to ensure that no matter how big your home is, the PowerView® performs smoothly across it. 

The delight of the PowerView® Automation system doesn’t end here. The system also features an incredibly stylish Pebble® and Surface Remote which are easy to use hand-held and wall-mounted controllers. Through these devices, you can easily operate your window shades with the push of a button. The Pebble® is the most beautiful remote controller that you are likely to have seen and it works in concert with the PowerView® Hub and App. You can use it to let your favourite scenes unfold or move your window coverings in any manner you desire. You can scroll through the various personalized scene settings and activate the one that you wish for by using just one of two favourite buttons. 

There is no doubt that the Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation is among the most advanced and stylish home window treatments available on the market. Go ahead and explore the magic of living yourself by contacting a Hunter Douglas product expert today!