Benefits of Installing TwistTM Shades - From Hunter Douglas
06 May 2022
 Shades are an integral part of any home. They protect our furniture and our privacy, and they keep us protected from prying eyes. But they aren't always a major concern when it comes to buying items for the home. Other necessities such as bathtubs or breakfast tables are more important than shades, but these items are often purchased from stores with low-quality products; this can be a major hindrance to privacy and productivity in their homes as well as causing major problems for their appliances.

Would you save money by sacrificing productivity and risking your furniture? You shouldn't do that, so how about trying Hunter Douglas Twist™ Shades instead? 

The purpose of this article is to provide information about Twist™ Shades and the benefits of installing them.

What are Twist™ Shades?
 TwistTM Shades by Hunter Douglas offers a new way to change the look of your home. With sheer and solid bands of fabric that can be combined in a variety of ways, you can have complete control over the amount of light and privacy in your windows.

With TwistTM Shades by Hunter Douglas, you can completely change the look of your home. These shades offer an innovative approach to light control and privacy that lets you completely change the look of your home. The sheer and solid bands can be combined in a variety of ways to let you control exactly how much light gets through and how much privacy you want in your windows.

You can use TwistTM Shades for a number of applications. Fashionable and practical at the same time. Choosing TwistTM Shades is the right choice for you and your home for many reasons.
  • Adding it to any space gives it a classy touch.
  • With TwistTM Shades, you can control the flow of natural light and prevent your home from feeling too exposed. 
  • To create a stylish solution for controlling privacy or light, the fabric bands combine sheer and solid shades in one shade.
  • TwistTM Shades are custom-made so that you can choose how much visibility you want into each room in addition to letting in enough natural light so we don't feel like the curtains are open all day long!
Benefits of installing Twist™ Shades
 TwistTM Shades are a convenient and stylish way to control the amount of light that comes into your home. They provide excellent privacy and light control, so you can easily adapt them to different situations.

TwistTM Shades are flexible enough that they can adapt to different situations, like bright office lights or a sunny backyard. They have different positions for each situation, but all of them are designed to make it easy for you to manage the amount of light coming in from outside.
  • Open position:
    If the shades are open, the aligned fabric provides a view-through filter that eliminates harsh light. This soft filtered light provides the perfect amount of filtered sunlight without putting too much strain on your eyes. For anyone who wants extra privacy and protection from harsh sunlight but also wants natural light, these are the perfect solution.

  • Closed position:
     When you have a window that needs to be covered, you want to make sure that it's done right. You don't want to just cover the window—you want to cover it and keep people from seeing inside your house. That's what a closed position does.

    When you close the shades on a window, they line up perfectly with each other. This means that if you use binoculars or a telescope to look into your house, you won't be able to see inside! It's the perfect way to keep prying eyes out of your business.

  • Raise position:
     If you want to open your blinds, but still want to keep the sun out of a room, then the raised position is for you.

    Open or closed, the shades can be raised. You can use this feature to see outside while also getting sunlight and viewing through a window, as well as not blocking your view of it. It's ideal for unobstructed views, as the raised position of the window covering allows you to enjoy the view while keeping the room safe and dark.

Hunter Douglas, one of the most popular window coverings, offers a stylish and innovative way to filter light, control the sun and create privacy. 
A recent addition to the company's collection is a system called TwistTM Shades, which combines sheer window solutions with solid curtains. TwistTM Shades by Hunter Douglas are perfect if you want a modern update to your home.