Ceilings and Walls solutions from Hunter Douglas

Ceilings and Walls solutions from Hunter Douglas
21 Apr 2021
Hunter Douglas has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the diverse range of the product offerings. Back in 1947, we were the first to build the first aluminium Venetian blind, and after a flawless track record of 13 years in the architectural market, we developed the first linear aluminium ceiling using the same material. In the decades that have passed since then, we have tremendously expanded our range of products in ceilings and wall solutions domain all over the world. In the ceilings segment alone, we have over 70 options available for our customers.

We create solutions that are sustainable, durable and suitable for both interior as well as exterior usage. Innovation is a habit at Hunter Douglas as we are constantly making changes as per the needs of the customers. The extensive investment made by us in the field of research and development resulted in our HeartFelt® linear felt ceiling winning a red dot award for best of the best of the year in 2017. 

Hunter Douglas Ceiling and Wall Solutions

We have created a robust system to train our technical engineers. With the vast experience of catering to diverse needs and Hunter Douglas proficiency of innovation, we deliver you ceiling and wall solutions that can fulfil even the most challenging needs. We have expert consultants, BIM experts and project engineers who handle applications ranging from stadiums to airports, museums, and beyond. The experts are at your assistance to zero in on identifying sustainable material options and design diverse integration systems to ensure that every space gets its own signature personality.


Hunter Douglas has been synonymous for quality whether is our blinds, ceilings or wall systems. We design, optimize and create all products with perfection in mind. Every Hunter Douglas solution undergoes a rigorous safety check to ensure optimal fit and safety. We have expert CAD draftsmen with several years of expertise of having created ceilings and wall solutions for some of the most prestigious projects globally. 


With Hunter Douglas, you can never run out of options. We offer our products in a diverse range of material and colour options. For instance, our aluminium ceiling range offers a number of standard colours which are applied in our paint finishing plant. Practically, we are able to create any colour desired by the clients. Apart from the normal uni-or metallic colours, we also offer wood prints for the metal ceilings as well. Our HeartFelt® series comes in 7 shades of grey alongside 5 new earthy tones. 


Perforation is known to improve the sound quality of any space, and most of our ceiling and wall solutions can be integrated with a perforated finish to the panelling. For walls, we offer the diversity of using standard or custom perforated panels with plain panels or you can even go for our special Nano Wood perforation. Unless you observe them from up close, the perforation creates an invisible acoustical absorption. You can also choose custom perforations and we encourage designers to discuss the possibility of their innovative ideas being created with our technical support experts.

Acoustic quality

Sound plays a crucial role in the office, educational or public building environment. Bad acoustics can wreak havoc with health, concentration, communication and even safety of the users. That’s where Hunter Douglas has created high performance acoustic ceiling and wall products which deliver greater comfort and efficiency. All the benefits of acoustics come with diversity of great visual appeal. We use sound absorbing materials in the panels which make them a great fit for meeting rooms, hotels and office cabins. 

Environmental impact

In all our endeavours, we stand true to our commitment to sustainability and responsible development. Our incessant efforts to mitigate carbon footprint and optimize the production processes have led to reduction in wastage and help our clients enjoy low maintenance costs. We practice as well as educate people on designing concepts for healthier and more resilient indoor spaces. For instance, our aluminium ceilings feature 90% recycled material. We collect all the production scrap and rework it into new input for the melting processes. The entire Hunter Douglas range of Architectural linear as well as wide panel metal ceilings and wall systems is C2C level bronze certified.

We can go on and on discussing about the uniqueness and superior quality of our Ceiling and Wall solutions, but, the most ideal way would be to contact a Hunter Douglas expert today! You can contact us to find out how you can make your buildings enhance their style, performance and sustainability with our smart solutions!