Different Types Of Blinds To Use For Windows At Your Home
04 Feb 2022
Purchasing your dream home is a difficult yet satisfying process involving an investment of your hard-earned money and time. But the more difficult job is to design your house since you need to find the best furniture that suits your home and hire the best interior designers for the same. 

Since you have a long list of things to buy and do, the least we can do is help you choose the best blinds for your windows so that you get the best product and save your precious time.

And so, in this article, we have listed some of the top blinds you can consider for your home windows.

Types Of Blinds To Use For Windows At Your Home

1. Roller Blinds
  • It provides a great combination of style and function, is made with stunning fabric and design, and is easy to operate. It makes every window at your home look fantastic.
  • The designer screen fabrics effectively reflect solar glare while providing a good view of the exteriors. 
  • Available in different opacities like translucent, sheer, and semi-transparent so that you can choose according to your wish and comfort.
  • The room darkening fabrics not only look good but also block daylight completely. They provide 100% privacy and convert even your brightest room into your comfortable private space.
  • Also available in waterproof fabric option, either PVC based or polyester, which is moisture-proof and comes with a dirt-repellent DustBlock coating.
  • Our award-winning XL Roller Blind is by far the perfect solution for large-sized windows - combining easy lifting with motorised controls with stunning designs and colours.

2. Sandwich Venetian Blinds
  • Made of insulated glass, which provides efficient solar insulation, thus keeping the room environment cool, along with privacy control.
  • Reduces sunlight penetration by up to 94% and keeps the room temperature comfortable, thus reducing power consumption and enhancing productivity.
  • Hunter Douglas Sandwich Venetian Blind incorporates innovative design with optimum light control, functional architecture and fuss-free maintenance.
  • Sandwich Venetian blinds are designed especially for modern glass buildings to ensure that the window glass does not overheat and keeps the environment cool.
  • It allows you to get the desired level of solar control, privacy and glare control by raising, lowering and tilting the louvres.

3. Venetian Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds are equipped with a patented mechanism that pulls the slate together in pairs.
  • As the space between the slats doubles in size, you can enjoy the outside without compromising privacy.
  • Hunter Douglas is known for the quality of its products, and the same is true for its Venetian blinds made of highly resilient aluminium slats, which do not lose their shape and have an amazing “bounce back” feature.
  • Venetian Blinds from the Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals collection offers excellent light and privacy control with a classic style that looks good with every decor.
  • Exclusive designs and a variety of stylish colours and creative textures are what you get from the Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals collection.

4. Duette Honeycomb shades 
  • It comes with air pockets, which provide excellent insulation and reduce the heat flow at the window.
  • Reduce the entry of heat into the room, thus keeping the room cool and saving electricity.
  • UV rays are not suitable for your house furniture and your body. With honeycomb shades, you get maximum protection from UV rays.
  • Made with Microshield antimicrobial fabric material
  • Has passed NFPA 701 Small Scale Flammability testing
  • Effective for sound absorption and sound transmission.
  • EasyRise continuous cord loop and cord tensioner anchor cord for safety.
  • Ideal for high humidity climate, such as tropical climate.
  • With the fire retardant and MicroShield™ coating, the Duette® shade is suitable for use in healthcare facilities, hospitality building applications, offices, theatres, sound rooms and a wide range of other spaces.
  • Lightweight construction helps to easily mount the shades and reduces the Duette shades’ cost.
  • The material of the shades reduces echo in the room.

5. Luminette Shades
  • Enhance the look of your window with its beautiful sheer drapery panels and the added bonus of vertical fabric vanes, which rotates 180 degrees, enhancing light control and providing privacy options.
  • Reduce the use of artificial light as sunlight is diffused through the Luminette sheer and spreads evenly throughout your room. Thus, you can use natural light and reduce electricity use as well.
  • The fabric vanes can be positioned to minimise the UV rays entering the room, helping to protect your furniture and flooring from fading.
  • Lets you enjoy the view outside without compromising your privacy.
  • Available in many on-trend fabric options.
  • With the PowerView Automation system, you can control the system with a remote or with your smartphone from anywhere you want, and you can even schedule the shades.

Our main aim is to make your home look good, make your blinds match your interior and enhance the beauty of your living space.

We provide blinds that are unmatched when it comes to material, looks and durability, and our support services are also the best in the industry.

All our products are created by highly experienced designers, are easy to install and come equipped with modern functioning and features.