EOS™ System- Benefits and Performance

EOS™ System- Benefits and Performance
29 Jan 2021

Draperies are quintessential, and various forms  of window shades have been around for almost as long as windows themselves. However, in the modern age of technology and experiential lifestyles, it is the need of the hour to turn your home into a smart and efficient abode by using home automation. Smart automated drapery systems such as the Hunter Douglas EOS™  offer you all the features and benefits that you could possibly expect from a top-of-the-line window drapery solution. 

The EOS™  offers you unmatched sophistication, comfort, style and a lot of health benefits alongside making the home more efficient and sustainable in the long run. Let’s take a look in detail at the features of this innovative motorized drapery system and all the benefits it offers:

Innovation: Hunter Douglas is among the leading global players in window coverings and smart window automation. Our EOS™  motorized drapery system has the most advanced and innovative designs and delivers extraordinary performance. The whole system is quiet, and reliable. You can get it installed in any part of your home whether it be the living room, lobby or your bedrooms. 

The EOS™  motorized drapery system is the epitome of performance and takes care of all the regular concerns that one might face with other motorized drapery mechanisms available in the market. For instance, the motors operate so smoothly and noiselessly that you might not even notice they are there. The installation of the system’s motor is hassle-free and provides flexibility to place it on either side of the track. The heavy duty system can effortlessly operate draperies weighing up to 50 kilos. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and thickness without any worries. The motor can be installed on top or at the bottom. 

In the eventuality of a power failure, there is no cause to worry as the system comes with a built-in electromagnetic clutch for manual control. The track has auto-detect points that the smart draperies can locate and slow down smoothly. Depending on your preference, you can effortlessly activate the automatic or the manual mode of operation. The intelligent motor control comes with a safety stop and it works with equal efficiency even on curved tracks. 

One of the best features of such an advanced motorized drapery system is that they are high on comfort and can also make your homes more sustainable. Thus, they are able to reduce your domestic consumption of energy on artificial lighting and heating/cooling. They also prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun from flooding the interiors and reducing the life of your furniture, carpets and even the drapery fabrics and curtains. Hence, in the longer run they are likely to save money for you.

Last, but, not the least, the extraordinary performance of the EOS™  motorized drapery system can be controlled through a wide range of options such as wall-mounted switches, remote control or you can even integrate them with your smart speakers such as Alexa to provide a complete hassle-free opulence. 

To know more about the EOS™  and to get it installed in your home, you can get in touch with our sales team today!