Health benefits of automatic window blinds

Health benefits of automatic window blinds
29 Jan 2021
This is the age of digital technology and smart homes. With the evolution of advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence, there is almost no limit to the kind of automation that you can achieve these days. There is mechanism and advanced software driven options available for almost everything in your home such as lighting, ventilation and nowadays there are smart automated blinds which you can use to further enhance the smart ambience of your homes. Automated smart blinds not only add innovation and style to your home, but they also make a positive long-term health impact on the house’s occupants. Hence, it is a great idea to opt for automatic window blinds to improve the wellness as well as peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at why the Hunter Douglas window blind automation solutions are the perfect choice for your home:

Smart control of light: Natural light has a positive impact on our body and we need natural light regularly, but artificial lighting despite providing illumination can’t make up for it. In fact, constant exposure to light from the screens of our gadgets and other artificial sources can actually cause various health risks such as high blood pressure and restlessness. Not only that, it can also rob you of your peace of mind. Hence, it is important to ensure that your home window blinds are able to effectively control the sunlight that enters the homes.

That’s where our smart blind automation allows you to precisely control the position of the blinds and regulate the light through the various control options such as buttons, smartphone app or remote control etc.

Improved sleep quality: You don’t need noisy alarms to rattle you out of sleep in the morning and there is not going to be the inconvenient or uneven light filtering through the blind slats to disturb your sleep at night. We have smart blind automation systems that can be integrated with blackout roller blinds to create a perfect and peaceful sleeping ambience that ensures the blind remains in place throughout the night. In the morning, the blinds silently open as per the time scheduled by you and allow the desired amount of soft natural light to wake you up gently. The automated blackout window blinds can also create adequate room darkening for people who work the night or graveyard shifts and need to sleep during the day.

UV Ray protection: One of the major health benefits of automatic window blinds is that they can filter the harmful UV Rays from the sun which can damage our skin cells and even cause cancer. The automatic window blinds can be set to move with the movement of sun throughout the day and ensure that the home interiors remain safe from the radiation. Blocking UV rays also improves the life of the furniture and interiors.

Ambient temperature: The automated window blinds are highly popular because they can help in saving energy by maintaining the temperature indoors. In winter they don’t let the homes get too cold and in summer they block external heat. This leads to superior heat efficiency and cosy vibes inside the homes which make a positive impact on the residents. A house that is too cold or too hot can cause stress and depression, but, our smart window solutions ensure that you don’t face such a problem with Hunter Douglas window blind automation. 

These features accompanied by the countless design, size and material options for your window blinds ensure that Hunter Douglas window automation makes your homes healthier and better suited for the new normal in 2021!