Hunter Douglas Commercial Venetian Blinds

Hunter Douglas Commercial Venetian Blinds
20 Jun 2021
The External Venetian Blinds from Hunter Douglas have been consistently regarded as the most efficient and flexible solar and light control mechanisms by European architects. This acknowledgement comes from 50 years of innovation in the field of Sun Control. 

We are proud to say that Hunter Douglas has been a pioneer in the domain. We work with architects and designers all over the world and regularly discover and fine tune ways to improve heat, light and energy management. Our products feature best materials and highest construction standards. 

Design – Hunter Douglas new generation External Venetian Blinds feature design, size, usage and other functionalities at par with the conventional blinds. However, these new blinds don’t need special conditions such as deeper stacking, complex installation or special electronic components. You can choose different slat dimensions of up to 100 mm width and a range of project colours. 

Functionality and Comfort – these blinds can be tilted, raised or lowered using a mechanism which is made of long-lasting maintenance free PVC. This positive tilting mechanism keeps the slats unmoved even in strong windy conditions. There is a stainless-steel tilting spring which is enclosed in two different slat suspension rings making the blinds user friendly, and easy to operate with precision. 

Easy installation – Installation is a breeze with these External Venetian blinds. We offer diverse mounting solutions to help easy installation as per the building’s location and design. 

Energy and light – Our External Venetian Blinds build environments which are comfortable, healthy, productive and energy efficient. We use engineering and production processes to minimize environmental impact alongside meeting the highest quality standards for commercial, hospitality and industrial usage. We have a strong project support team which works with architects to analyze, visualize and optimize our Window Covering Solutions with the help of Hunter Douglas Energy and Light Tool.

Controlling mechanism – The durable maintenance free plastic used in the positive tilting mechanism keeps the slats unmoved by wind load. During lowering, slats are completely closed, and during raising they are fully open. We also provide an optional automatic tilting device which pre-sets the slats at a 40 degrees angle. When the slats are lifted, the system gets automatically reset. 

You can use these External Blinds separately or in a combination. There is also the option of integrating the blinds in a fully automatic central control system comprising group controls, solar sensors, anemometers, time switches and relays. 

Health and environment benefits of Hunter Douglas External Venetian Blinds

Productivity – Integration of natural resources such as daylight and implementing energy saving strategies helps in creating a comfortable and productive environment for the building’s occupants. Even a minor increase of 1% in productivity can help in increasing revenues. 

Comfort – Comfort is the state of mind where a person is at complete harmony with the surrounding environment. All over the world natural lighting is considered comforting since it helps establish visual contact with the outdoors. Hence, it is known to make people feel positive. We have crafted these blinds to ensure optimal working conditions by controlling glare and reflections. A research revealed that glare free daylight integration helped productivity improve by 4%. 

Sustainability and indoor environmental quality – The usage of energy, water, materials and other resources make up its environmental footprint. Hunter Douglas Sun Control Systems and Window Coverings can help in reducing environmental impact of buildings. We use Window Coverings to make the internal environment more comfortable and to control heat. While interior window blinds help in reducing glare and diffusion of daylight, the External Window Shades help in heat control.

Our External Venetian Blinds help in blocking excessive solar heat and reducing energy consumption of air-conditioning in summer. These shades also reduce the need for high capacity cooling equipment, leading to a lower investment cost. In colder areas, these shades reduce heat loss from interiors and help the building remain warmer with less power consumption. 

Hunter Douglas helps its business partners with diverse technical consulting and support services aimed at architects, developers, and installation experts. We help them with recommendations on materials, shapes, dimensions, colours and finishes of the shades. We also assist in creating design proposals, visualisations, and mounting drawings. We help installers by providing detailed installation drawings and instructions.

Overall, we are ready to support all your needs related to External Venetian Blinds as well as any other types of indoor/outdoor shades and services. Go ahead and experience the Hunter Douglas difference today!