Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers: A World Apart in Window Sophistication
04 May 2021
Hunter Douglas has been a name to reckon with when it comes to innovation and sophistication in window coverings. We are constantly working towards creating window shades that not only provide the best of comfort and style, but also add value to your home by their sophistication and quality.

It is this penchant for creating excellence in window coverings that has led us to create Luminette® Privacy Sheers. These are top of the line window drapes which combine a sheer fabric facing with soft, vertically rotating vanes which are attached to the back of the sheer. This unique combination creates a surreal feel wherein the sheer drapery panels offer desired light control and privacy options in a cheerful manner. These shades are ideal for large glass walls, sliding doors and other vertical usage. 

The smoothly functioning vanes rotate open to unravel a magical diffusion of the sunlight and create a soft and cheerful naturally lit ambience inside the room. You also have the option to rotate the vanes to channel the light to whichever part of the room you want. If you need privacy, all you need to do is to close them and enjoy the same privacy that conventional window drapes can offer. 

As we already mentioned, style with sophistication is a key focus area for Hunter Douglas products. That’s why we have introduced the Luminette® Privacy Sheers in a wide range of trendy fabric options. Thus, you can choose the fabric to suit your taste and interior design. These shades not only love you, but also protect your floors as well as furniture from the UV rays. You can enjoy all these comforts without compromising on enjoying the outside views. We also offer you the option to choose colours and fabrics which can be coordinated with your other Hunter Douglas window blinds or treatments to create a seamless integration of style. 

As we put in our best efforts to create the most stylish window shades for your home, we also focus on creating the ultimate in quality and functionality. The Luminette® is coupled with a sleekly designed headrail which keeps the proprietary SofTrak™ hardware system concealed, ensuring a highly refined and elegant window appearance.

There are multiple options to control your Luminette® sheers including wireless options and automation which allows you to schedule them to move automatically as per your instructions. 

Control options for Luminette®

Combination Wand / Cord Control

You can use a combination of our unique wand controller and cords which gives you a single control option to move the sheers or rotate the vanes or the louvers. 

Wand Control

Get freedom from all looped pull cords by replacing them with a wand which will safely remain out of a child’s reach. Just wave the wand and make the sheers operate in sync. Well, if that’s not magic then what else is?


Hunter Douglas PowerView® is the epitome of window automation which allows you to control or schedule your window coverings in whichever way you want. The system is a complete wireless solution with remote control as well as an integrated smartphone app. Thus, it eliminates all potential hazards for your pets and children. 

PowerView® Automation gives you the ability to turn your world-class window coverings into the most intelligent window wear. Thus, you get optimum lighting, energy efficiency and convenience delivered automatically.


The integrated PowerView® App allows you to create personalized scenes which can be activated in any combination including by controlling all the window blinds of your home together.


Why to rely on the shrill alarms when your window blinds can be used as the natural morning alarm. Whether you are an early riser who gets up with the sun or someone who wakes up at 7.30, the PowerView® scheduling allows you to set your blinds in a way that they move automatically to your desired open/close positions throughout the day, each day. 

There is so much more to explore about the Luminette® and PowerView® that we would advise you to contact a Hunter Douglas sales expert and turn your home into a sophisticated haven for all times!