Hunter Douglas Premium Window Blinds for Opulent Homes

Hunter Douglas Premium Window Blinds for Opulent Homes
17 Feb 2021

We love creating fantastic window blinds for the true connoisseurs of the art that window shades require. As one of the leading window coverings maker in the world, Hunter Douglas is synonymous with style, opulence and top notch quality in window shades. We have an extensive range of Venetian window blinds, Roman window blinds, honeycomb shades, draperies, wood blinds and cutting-edge window automation solutions.

Keeping up with the glorious tradition of excellence in our products, we have now crafted two of the most exquisite horizontal window blind options for you. Let’s take a detailed look at these:

Hunter Douglas Precious Metals Venetian Blinds

One of the key attributes of a world class window blind is that it has to be super-sleek and fashionable to match all homes. That’s why we decided to create the Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals collection which offers you immaculate control over how much light should enter your living spaces alongside a classic style that can enhance the appeal of any décor.

These blinds come in exclusive designs featuring trendy colours and awe-inspiring textures that are a hallmark of this collection. For instance, our Mega View Venetian Blind comes equipped with a patented mechanism that can pull the slats together in pairs upon opening. This results in their being double wide space between the slats, and allows almost unrestricted external view. Whenever you seek privacy, all you have to do is to close the Mega View with the same ease that other Venetian blinds offer. The Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals Venetian Window Blinds are made using highly resilient aluminium slats which retain their shape for many years, and these blinds also have a unique built-in ‘bounce back’ feature.

Hunter Douglas Country Woods Blinds

These wooden window blinds are the epitome of design,  sophistication and opulence. We have lovingly crafted them from the finest woods as well as alternative woods to give your home windows a quintessential appeal. In sync with the diverse styles and preferences of our generation, we have created a vast array of colours for these blinds ranging from the ever stylish whites and greys to powerful black as well as the enticing natural wood tones which can perfectly complement your living room, bathroom and bedroom windows.

The painted premium woods allow you to choose the colours that resonate with you. If you wish to go with a natural and minimalist décor then you can opt for natural finishes that highlight the actual grainy texture of the wood used. Alternatively, if you wish to opt for long-term functionality in a cost-effective manner then you can select from our exclusive range of Faux Woods, which are made using a highly advanced, water-resistant polyresin. These blinds are the perfect companion for windows in humid areas such as bathrooms. 

In the signature Hunter Douglas style, we bring to you unmatched personalization by allowing you to create a perfect finish by adding a finishing detail from our collection of decorative tapes which make these blinds, one-of-a-kind. You have options ranging from strong solid colour blocks or can play with the mix-and-match strategy to create an eclectic design that gives your home window blinds a distinct look. 

Hunter Douglas window blinds are an ideal choice for every home irrespective of the décor or taste of the home owner. Blinds such as our faux wood blinds are long-lasting and water-resistant and can keep shining even while dealing with the heat or humidity of the kitchen and bathroom. Go ahead and contact our sales team/dealership to know more about the perfection in window blinds!