Hunter Douglas Roller Window Blinds: The Best in Style and Comfort

Hunter Douglas Roller Window Blinds: The Best in Style and Comfort
27 Feb 2021
Hunter Douglas  Roller Window Blinds: The Best in Style and Comfort
With the onset of spring, summer is not far at all and it is the right time to redesign your windows with fantastic roller blind options from one of the world’s leading brands in the arena of window blinds!
Before you go ahead and choose what type of roller window blinds you want for your house, let’s take a look at the incredible features and benefits of Hunter Douglas Roller window blinds:
Attractive design
Unlike the Venetian blinds or horizontal window blinds, roller window blinds offer neat and impeccable lines which are attached right to the wall or the window frame on which they are installed. Hunter Douglas Roller blinds offer you an extensive range of Designer Screen fabrics which are ideal partners for large feature windows. 

We offer ultimate in luxury and contemporary styling through our luxurious fabric roller blinds which feature sophisticated design options and add style to any home.
For your large feature  windows we bring our award winning XL Roller Blind which can be easily combined with various manual or motorised control options, and stunning design as well as colours. 

The premium quality Designer Screen fabrics of these blinds allow filtration of glare and can reflect the harsh summer heat from the sun. Thus, you can enjoy the cool views uninterrupted!

Hunter Douglas Roller window blinds are uncompromising when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and pets. These blinds are absolutely safe and can be used in any part of the house. Whether it is the bedroom, living room, kitchen or the bathrooms, and even the bedrooms of your children, our roller blinds will always keep you and your family safe. 
Not only that, these blinds have a simple and high quality build which allows them to open and close easily and last longer. 

Light and privacy control

The original purpose of any window blind is to provide desired light control and privacy to the occupants of the home. Hunter Douglas Roller Window blinds fulfil all your needs in this regard. The wide range of fabric designs, colours and the styling of these window blinds ensures that you get utmost privacy, protection from harsh summer sunlight and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, they keep your home interiors optimally lit and safe from the hot climate as well as prying eyes. 
Blackout roller blinds
In contemporary world, different people have different work schedules, and you might be working night shifts. In some houses there are infants and young children. These needs might necessitate complete room darkening. You can choose additionally thick blackout fabrics which not only block almost all of the external light, but, reduce the light significantly to ensure you get cool and dark interiors whenever you need to catch on some sleep. These blinds are also a great fit for bathroom widows as nobody can catch glimpses or even notice silhouettes from the outside. 

Unmatched automation
Hunter Douglas is a brand renowned for its expertise in the field of window blinds. We have created a wide range of controlling options and automation for our roller blinds. These systems are heavy duty and can handle even heavy or large size fabric blinds with ease. They operate noiselessly and you can choose various controlling options such as a wall mounted switch, a remote control or a smartphone app which allows you to control the settings, schedule the open and close timings for a completely automatic experience. In fact, all you need to do is to set the timer once and the blinds will open and close at the set time almost magically!
Go ahead and get in touch with our sales team to discuss further and add the beauty of the award winning Hunter Douglas blinds to your home today!