Hunter Douglas – The Best Window Shade Automations for you

Hunter Douglas The Best Window Shade Automations for you
26 Apr 2021
Almost all of us love to wake up to the sight of softly filtering morning sunshine, and a pleasant fuzzy ambience. However, due to the drawn blinds and window shades, we often don’t even realize that it is morning until the alarm rattles us out of sleep.

Thanks to sophistication in our window automation solutions, you no longer have to bear the alarms. The Hunter Douglas PowerView® motorized window shade system is an ideal multi-faceted solution that can make your window shades move as if by magic. 

All you need to do is to program the PowerView® system as per your personal preference for different times of the day. It will store the settings in its memory and automatically move the window blinds and shades to the precise position that you desire. 

Thus, whether it is enjoying the cosiness of the morning or the splendour of sunset hour colours, you can enjoy them all, effortlessly. 

Alternatively, you can also control and schedule your window shades through the intuitive PowerView App which can be installed on any of your Apple or Android devices. The app works perfectly with Apple iOS 10.0 or a later version and also with Android 4.4 or later. 

Create Scenes with PowerView App

In fact, the PowerView App is so feature rich that it gives you seamless control over the entire range of PowerView Automation features. The app ensures that your window shade dance to the movement of your fingertip. You can also create customized scenes for different parts of your home and different times of the day and the shades will automatically move to create the visual aesthetics each day. 

In fact, you can even schedule the window blinds to open, move or close even when you are far away from home. Thus, even if you are out on a vacation, you can still make random onlookers feel that you and your family is very much home and active at different times of the day.

We must caution you that this could really make your visitors in awe of your style and sophistication!

The Pebble

Talking of sophistication, the PowerView can also be operated using the PowerView Pebble® Control.

The Red Dot Product Design Award 2018 winning PowerView system components are exemplified by the Pebble Remote Control which is nothing like a conventional remote control that you might have seen. It allows you to present and smoothly operate as many as six different groupings of window shades, either separately or in sync with each other at a mere press of a button. The Pebble is ergonomically designed to look like a smooth and beautiful mountain pebble, and it comes in ten stylish colours to match any décor. Through the Pebble Scene Controller, you can activate the preset programme scenes whenever you want them. Both of these devices are available as wall mountable surface controls.  

PowerView Hub

The award winning elegance of PowerView hub seamlessly connects to your WiFi network and serves as the central command post for the entire PowerView window treatments at your home. It is the storehouse for all your settings and to activate your scenes. 

PowerView Repeater

Yet another super stylish part of the PowerView ecosystem, the PowerView Repeater enhances the signal range of the Hub to ensure each command reaches your window treatments quickly, throughout your home.

To make the experience truly unbeatable, we have introduced the Remote Connect feature which can allow you to activate the shades from wherever you are using your mobile phone. 

The superior comfort of cordless operation of PowerView Automation also makes your home safer as there are no dangling traps for your young children or pets.

Most of our PowerView Motorizations are battery powered, which makes them extremely easy to install, use and maintain. The battery pack is stylishly concealed behind the head-rail so there is no unsavoury protrusion marring the beauty of the window shades.

You can also easily integrate the PowerView® with most other leading home automation solutions such as Google Assistant, Nest, Logitech and IFTTT etc.

In short, PowerView® automation is everything that you can desire for! Go ahead and connect with a Hunter Douglas sales expert today to select the best fit for your home!