Look at some of our window blind solutions that can transform the window efficiency

Modern Design for Architectural Window Blinds
13 Mar 2021
With the changes in climate witnessed across the world, sustainability of living has become a key consideration for modern architects and building designers. However, you might be surprised to know that window shades, especially the quintessential window blinds play a crucial role in improving sustainability and comfort of buildings.


As pioneers in architectural window blinds innovation for over 4 decades, we at Hunter Douglas understand the need to create window blinds that optimize the energy consumption of buildings as per seasons. We focus on creating solutions that make your cooling systems work more efficiently in summers and reduce the heat loss in winters. Let’s take a look at some of our window blind solutions that can transform the window efficiency of any building:

Roller Shades: The Hunter Douglas Architectural product engineers decided to revamp the roller shades by leveraging the decades of experience and crafted the RB 500 system. It is an unmatched feature rich solution to handle all tricky conditions and deliver smooth as well as silent performance for a long time. This is a powerful system that can lift oversize shades using motorized, chain or even crank operators. What makes it even more  appealing is that you have hundreds of fabric options to choose from.

The best thing about the RB 500 roller  shade system is the incredible versatility on offer. It has components that can support different mechanisms and it can easily facilitate installation of different shades, sizes and positions courtesy of the modular build. Needless to say, it is a perfect choice for all commercial applications. 

External Roller Shades: We believe in empowering you and that’s why our incredible engineering and consulting teams have recommended using exterior roller shades for maximum sunlight management. The Hunter Douglas Exterior shades block glare and intercept heat gain even before they enter a space, and this significantly improves the overall performance of your window blinds. We have a commercial grade exterior roller that uses highest performing fabrics paired with heavy duty headboxes, hembars, and guide wires which are perfectly engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Modern Classics: Hunter Douglas wooden Venetian Blind is an iconic product, but, we have added a dash of modern interior design, and turned it into an evergreen solution. The natural beauty of the wood and its elegance ensure that it inspires and makes a  perfect design statement. You can choose  between the  classic ladder string or the decorative cotton tape, and we have made these blinds available in manual as well as motorized options. 

Metal Venetian Blinds – The extended field tested mechanism built from the highest quality aluminium HD6011 alloys that use up to 98% recycled content, makes these metal Venetian blinds, an ultimate statement in design and sustainability. We had invented the first metal Venetian blinds  six decades ago, and even after all these years, we continue to deliver the best product in the industry featuring a wide range of slat finishes. These aluminium blinds offer diverse manual and motorized operating system options including technologically advanced automated sun-tracking controls which make them  the ultimate in functionality. 

EOS™ Intelligent Control Systems: The Hunter Douglas EOS™ is an incredible range of programmable group controllers, switches, remote controls, relays, time switches, receivers, sensors and dedicated servers that boost the efficiency and operational range of  our sun protection products. You can combine them in an unlimited array of options to create a customized system to control any combination of blinds and adjustable sun Louvers. The EOS™ Intelligent Control System from Hunter Douglas allows the shades to be operated separately, in a small group (room), large groups (whole house), per façade or the wing  of a building, depending on how you decide to use it. 

Thus, the Hunter Douglas Architectural window blinds are now capable of turning your sun protection shades into climate control mechanisms for your spaces.