Office Blinds - Top Blinds You Should Consider For Your Office
11 Feb 2022
Your office environment determines how your employees will perform and achieve results. If your working space is creative, colourful and comfortable and receives a lot of natural light and air, your employees will be more productive and efficient.

One sure way to create such a conducive atmosphere for your staff is to install top quality blinds and shades for your windows.

In this blog, we will examine all the features of the best blinds to pick for your office.

Blinds You Should Consider For Your Office

1. Nantucket™ Window Shading
  • It transforms the harsh sunlight into soft light while maintaining a clear outside view.
  • U.V. rays are harmful to office furniture, and most importantly, for the employees. Nantucket™ Window Shading provides 75% protection from U.V. rays when vanes are open, and when closed, provide 99% protection.
  • You can control the light and see the outside view without sacrificing your privacy.
  • The white exterior sheer reflects the sun’s heat, thus reducing the heat inside the room.
  • Due to proper light control, sunlight does not disturb the employees, thus leading to enhanced productivity. Moreover, due to reduced heat in the office, there is less use of A.C. and fans, thereby decreasing your electricity bills.
  • Nantucket™ Window Shading can be considered for use in conference rooms, meeting rooms and a wide range of other spaces.
2. Duette® Shade
  • Its honeycomb construction, along with patented TruePleat™, gives it a crisp look.
  • They are made of top quality material and air pockets that provide excellent insulation and sound absorption.
  • Duette shade reduces echo in the room.
  • It keeps the room cool even in a high humid environment, thus reducing the use of A.C. and fans and saving energy.
  • Minimal cost of structure to mount due to its lightweight construction.
  • Translucent fabric provides great lighting benefits as it reduces harsh sunlight and reduces glare.
  • Provides up to from U.V. rays.
  • Duette shade is suitable for use in healthcare facilities, hospitality building applications, offices, theatres, sound rooms and a wide range of other spaces.
3. Roller Blinds
  • Roller Blinds offer a wide range of choices of durable fabrics, which have been woven with great care using the right technique.
  • Easy to install, maintain and more durable.
  • Roller blinds enhance the comfort of your office interior, whether it's a huge public space or a small office.
  • Suitable for any building old, new or refurbished.
  • Made of sleek, flame-retardant, recyclable fabrics which keep their shape intact.
  • Has fabrics that provide excellent thermal insulation.
  • The fabric used in roller blinds prevents excess heat from entering, thus saving electricity and keeping the environment cool.
  • Looks attractive on your windows and even looks great on large windows.
4. External Venetian Blinds
  • It is easy to install, and depending on the situation of the building, we offer a variety of installation solutions.
  • There is no need for deeper stacking, complicated installation, or the use of special electronic components.
  • The tilting and raising/lowering mechanism is made of durable and maintenance-free PVC. Also, the tilting material prevents the slats from moving due to wind loads.
  • Made of material that keeps the indoor atmosphere cool, thus creating a sustainable, productive, comfortable environment.
  • It lets in natural sunlight, thus reducing the need for artificial lights and letting you save on electricity expenses. It creates a comfortable and productive ambience for the employees.
  • Compatible with PowerView automation system, which enables you to control the blinds with remote or even with your smartphone.
To give your office interiors a better look and for proper use of natural light, choosing the right blinds is very important.

With Hunter Douglas, you not only get top quality blinds with all these features, but you also get great support from our side, great operating systems like PowerView automation system or EasyRise operating system, which makes the use of the blinds more easy and motorised.

We also help you choose the most suitable fabric for your office. We have created many models that make the blinds selection easy for our clients and offer them the best solution for their office windows.

The blinds we make are backed by lots of research and our 50 years of experience in the industry.