Parkland Wood Blinds - Water Resistant Blinds for Balconies and Bathrooms
15 Jul 2022
Do you want to mix and match your window coverings with an eclectic design? Do you like to play it simple, or do you prefer an intense, solid color? Hunter Douglas has the perfect solution for every taste.

The range of stylish parkland wood blinds is not only stunning but also highly durable and water-resistant—perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. They won't fade or warp, so they'll look great in any room of your home.

Choose from an exciting color palette from modern whites and greys to chic black or beautiful natural wood tones to complement your living room, bathroom, and bedroom windows.

You can make your wood blind even more beautiful by adding a stunning finishing detail from our collection of decorative tapes; play it simple or choose an intense, solid color, or mix and match it with an eclectic design for an individual look.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Parkland wood blind - 

Modern Style

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds are crafted with the finest and alternative woods, creating a timeless look for your windows. 

These blinds will give your rooms a new look without a significant design change. The range includes modern grays, whites, and chic blacks, as well as beautiful natural wood tints to complement the contemporary look of your bathroom and balconies. Mix and match the blinds' colors with your house's interior.

You can add our collection's exclusive collection of decorative tapes to your wooden blinds to give them a lovely final touch according to your interior. Make your balcony space look stunning with a simple classic look, solid color, or anything you wish.

Perfect Choice For Bathrooms And Balconies

Hunter Douglas' stylish parkland wood blinds, available in various colors, make a stunning and durable addition to any home. These blinds are water-resistant and can easily be cleaned. They also handle the humidity of the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room and will not crack or fade.

Integration PowerView® Automation System

PowerView® Automation motorized operating systems let you program your shades to move throughout the day with the touch of a button, a tap on your mobile phone, or the sound of your voice, thanks to their compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

Your shade can be controlled anywhere in the world using a PowerView® Automation system.

The Parkland wood blinds combine traditional and modern styles, giving your interior a fantastic look. You can also choose between different patterns and colors to match the interior of your home.

Benefits And Features Of Parkland Wood Blinds

Let’s take a look at the benefits and features Parkland wood blinds provide - 


Parkland wood blinds resemble wood blinds, but they are made of materials such as waterproof polyresin that are more durable and water-resistant. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are more likely to sustain damage from wood blinds due to their moisture resistance.

Easier to clean

You can wash parkland blinds with water without risking damage if you need a thorough cleaning. The material is not prone to cracking or fading. Unlike curtains or blinds made of fabrics, these wooden blinds don't attract dust and moths. Also, you can clean parkland blinds with a vacuum cleaner.


Parkland wood blinds are a more economical choice. You get a natural look for your house without spending more money. Compared to fabric-based blinds, the cost of the blinds depends on the quality of the fabric. As the material changes, the price increases drastically. But that is not the case with Parkland wood blinds. You can get a customized wooden blind for the exact cost.