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Technology Integration Used for Architectural and Interior Design
03 Apr 2021
In modern times, one of the most important factors to regulate the daylight entry into the buildings is the usage of interior shading devices. Hunter Douglas is a leading global brand in the field of window shades, Architectural and Interior Design and we have conducted various shade control behaviour studies to observe that most people don’t adjust their window shades regularly. It is not uncommon to see the blinds remain unmoved for days and even weeks. This adversely impacts energy savings enabled by effective usage of daylight.

As the leading solution provider of effective solar shading mechanisms, we provide you with a diverse range of exterior materials, façade, louvers, overhangs as well as interior shading solutions such as window blinds. We create sustainability driven design concepts in our products to ensure diffusion of sunlight entering the buildings and eliminating excessive heat gain or loss of heat in summers and winters respectively. Hunter Douglas Architectural has collaborated with architects and designers from different parts of the world to create products that take care of diverse needs of different projects, climates and seasons.

Whether it is the more challenging task of providing ideal shading solutions for the east and west facing windows or the provision of reducing heat gain of the walls, we have created some of the best architectural and interior design solutions for you by integrating technology into the products. We not only create an impressive array of products, but also provide support, from design development to post-installation service. Let’s take a look at some of our best products in this article:


We have been creating best quality innovative ceiling systems since the last 50 years for the utility sector. Today, Hunter Douglas uses this extensive expertise to create fantastic products and offer you complete support for all your architectural projects. We bring to you a vast range of metal, aluminium, textile and wood ceilings. Some of these ceiling solutions are flexible enough to be used as a great wall cladding application. For instance, our high performance interior metal ceilings offer variations such as linear, tiled, open and closed cell systems which can be customised in a range of shapes and curves in accordance with the carrier system used. 

We don’t want to keep you cooped up indoors, and that’s why we offer the same diversity of exterior ceiling options in materials such as metal to withstand the most demanding climatic conditions. These are attached to rigidly suspended carriers, and allow the designers that extra confidence that the ceilings are structurally sound. These are ideal for diverse applications in places such as car parks, stadiums, and covered outdoor areas. 

Sun Louvre Systems

We bring to you the most stylish and functionally superior Sun Louvre Systems which add an unmatched appeal to the building exteriors alongside providing shade and comfort to its occupants. We use high quality materials to create dependable Louvre systems which can be projected to the façade, parallel to the façade and can also be designed in sync with the angle of the sun. You can choose from diverse Open Façade or Canopy style Sun Louvre Systems. 


Quite often, the design of building facades creates a major dilemma for the architectural designers: whether to go for substance or style? However, Hunter Douglas provides you with solutions that eliminate the need for compromise on either. Our facades are such perfect blends of functionality and style that is rarely seen in the market. The facades enhance the comfort level of the building and provide the architects and designers a diverse range of design options. 

You get options such as Quadroclad Honeycomb, Single Skin Panels, Open Structure, customised panels and sandwich wall etc to choose the solution that suits your designs the best. 

Duette Lightlock System with Blackout Technology

Continuing our commitment to creating revolutionary technology driven integrations, we now bring to you our latest custom window treatment innovation ‘Duette LightLock System’ which is carefully built to prevent light leakage at the window. This creates a blissful and perfect room blackout effect for you. The Duette Honeycomb shades with LightLock are built using unique U-shaped side channels which overlap the front and back of the shades. This side channel design featuring rows of specially shaped micro ridges and they are optimized to absorb or deflect almost all the light falling on them. 

We bring this revolution to you in three stylish finishes – Aspen White, Gardenia White and Bronze, and they can seamlessly blend into the window frame to enhance any design aesthetic. The system can be integrated with Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation to allow easy control of the shades with the smartphone app or with voice control through Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit.

Thus, no matter what your need and project is, there is likely to be a wide range of Hunter Douglas Architectural and Interior Design solutions to meet it. Go ahead and check out the diversity of our products!