The Most Suitable Blinds For The Working Environment
17 Dec 2021
Imagine a situation where you are writing an exam, and that exam is very important for you, but the sun's scorching heat is disturbing you. 

You cannot focus on your exam, and hence, you are not able to give your best. 
Similarly, if it is the rainy or winter season, you are feeling cold and sleepy. 

Has it happened to you? An unsuitable work environment takes your productivity rapidly down. Though we cannot control the internal work environment, we have a solution to control external factors like climate. 

People often complain that they do not feel like working in unpleasant weather. Well, let’s find “the solution” to this complaint.

So now, let us discuss how you can achieve a great work environment in every climate. You need to make only one change, choose suitable blinds.

Hunter Douglas all-weather blinds have solved the problem for many of its clients.
Many of them use these blinds in their office for proper work environment and productivity.

5 Most Suitable Blinds For An Excellent Working Environment 

01 Silhouette®
  • It combines the advantage of draperies and shades into a single beautiful window covering.  
  • The signature S-vane suspended between two sheers makes Silhouette® window shading an elegant shade to control light.
  • No cords run through the fabric. So its sleek look is maintained.
  • Transform direct sunlight into soft light in a room while maintaining a clear view-through.
  • Protects from ultraviolet rays up to 88% with open vanes and 99% with closed vanes.
02 Duette® Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb air pockets provide excellent insulation to reduce heat flow at the window.
  • Its translucent fabric offers excellent daylighting benefits by diffusing harsh sunlight and reducing glare.
  • It protects from ultraviolet rays up to 99%.
  • Due to the minimal height of the shade when fully raised, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view.
  • Different shapes are available in arches, angles, circles, hexagons, and octagons.
  • Air pockets provide insulation by trapping air.
  • It smartly allows natural light by diffusing glare inside the room.
  • A suitable work environment also needs sound absorption well. This is also taken care of as the fabric has the ability of sound absorption.
03 Venetian Blinds - Modern Precious Metals™ Collection
  • It has a unique mechanism by which the stats are pulled together in pairs when opened, and this allows you to get an unobstructed view of the outside whenever needed,
  • You can keep the blinds fully closed if you want privacy.
  • The highly durable aluminium stats retain their shape forever.
  • You get amazing light control and can adjust the light according to your working needs.
  • Fashionable designs, colours, and textures are available for selection.
​04 Luminette® Privacy Sheers
  • It comes with vertical fabric vanes that rotate 180 degrees to provide complete light control and privacy options.
  • Sunlight is diffused via Luminette sheer and spread evenly throughout your room to maximise daylight, reduce your need for artificial light, and provide a suitable work environment.
  • The fabric vanes can be positioned to minimise the UV rays entering the room, helping to protect your wooden furniture and flooring from fading and your body too.
  • Whether it is summer or winter, its shades provide a gentle warm tone as sunlight permeates the fabric.
​05 Pirouette® window shading 

Well, if you want a beautiful sheer fabric design without compromising your privacy, then this shade is perfect for you, as it creates an enhanced view to the outside while maintaining privacy.
  • Easily adjust the vane position to create your desired look - open for maximum view-through, contoured for a gentle cascade, or flat for complete privacy and light control.
  • Choose according to your comfort and maximise your productivity.
  • The patented Invisi lift system allows vanes to be raised and lowered without blocking your view.
  • It effectively controls the light and maintains the proper temperature in your room.
  • It comes with different options, so you can choose accordingly, as every shade is designed to control sunlight entering your room smartly.
  • Smartly adjust according to the weather to create a work environment according to the weather. 
If you want to achieve significant productivity, many factors are required, but the work environment remains at the top. 

Nowadays, many offices are designed, keeping the work environment factor in mind. But as many people now also work from home or do online work, maintaining a proper work environment becomes easy with the help of Hunter Douglas’s excellent blinds.

All our products are easy to use, besides looking elegant. They take care of everything, from light control to sound management to maintaining outside view, without breaching your privacy. 

Hunter Douglas applies the latest technologies to provide the best in class products for you to get the best work environment and enhance your productivity. For more details on our wide range of commercial blinds, kindly visit