Things you should know about Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation System before installing it

Things you should know about Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation System before installing it
24 May 2021
We live in a technology driven world, and the need to make our homes smarter, automated and sustainable is being increasingly felt in the wake of the pandemic. The constant need to watch out against infection has made it necessary that we stay and work from home as far as possible.

In such a scenario, you would obviously want to make your home as comfortable, stylish and energy efficient as possible. The solution lies in an advanced smart home automation system which is not just about the typical turning the lights or devices on/off, but, one that can go beyond that and help you remotely control the look and feel of your home from inside as well as outside. Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation is exactly the kind of a holistic automation solution you need. PowerView® is one of the most advanced window shades automation systems in the world and it has features that can make your home smarter and neighbours impressed.

Let’s find out how!

Friendly to your existing home automation

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation is created thoughtfully to synchronize with the market leading home automation devices from Google and Apple. We believe that technology should make things easier, and in today’s time, ‘contact-less’ as well. That’s why we have created an integrated PowerView® App which can be installed on your Android or iOS smartphones. The app gives you a range of options to control any or your entire home window blinds.

If you are a nature lover and someone who loves waking up early in the morning then there is no joy greater than waking up when the soft fuzzy morning light drives the night away. However, you couldn’t enjoy the pleasure as it required waking up and opening the window blinds first. Alternatively, you might not be fond of the noisy alarms that rattle you out of sleep with the shrieking sound at 7.30 am. Whichever is the case, the PowerView® Automation can be set to open or shut automatically at a time of your choice, every single day. Not only that, you can also program your window shades to move as per your preference throughout the day. You only need to adjust the settings once and this advanced home automation system will manage the rest, every day. 


Hunter Douglas PowerView® ensures that you don’t have to limit or compromise your options when it comes to home window automation. The system comes with a super sleek wall-mounted hub which is connected wirelessly with the home Wi-Fi (wall mount). It allows you to control all the Hunter Douglas window blinds of your house seamlessly and the device also stores and remembers your preferred settings for automatic activation as per choice. For large houses, the system has a small almost invisible signal enhancer which can be plugged into any regular AC power outlet. This intelligent addition enhances the signal range and ensures effective remote operation of the window shades throughout the house.


We have taken great care to ensure that you have multiple and stylish control options for the PowerView® Automation system. Apart from the smartphone app, there is a beautifully designed Pebble remote controller which can be synchronized with the PowerView® Hub as well as the App to operate the window blinds. Further, you can also choose to activate your saved settings through a wall-mounted Surface Scene Controller as well. The device can save multiple scene settings, and you just need to scroll, choose and activate the setting you want. 


The PowerView® App can allow you to seamlessly integrate all your Hunter Douglas installations from any location with just  one command. There is no cord loop which makes the installations absolutely safe for the kids and pets as well as elderly family members. You can use the scheduling feature to store and automate different settings for different hours such as morning, afternoon, evening and night to enjoy seamless outdoor views as well as to enjoy desired privacy. Since you can operate the system from any location, it will make the onlookers feel that you are home and discourage burglars to attempt any break-ins. 


Like all good automation systems, Hunter Douglas PowerView® improves energy efficiency of our home and reduces power consumption. The window blinds can automatically move to different positions throughout the day and give you greater control of light and heat entering the living premises. This can reduce energy consumption by the heating or cooling systems and make your home more comfortable and environment-friendly.
The entire range of Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation features is available in India, and you can safely check the details online here and contact a sales expert for discussion, a demo or placing an order!