TwistTM Shades - Best Window Covering for Light Control & Privacy
22 Apr 2022
TwistTM Shades are the latest innovation in window blinds. The shade is made up of a combination of sheer and solid fabric bands which allows you to control the level of natural or artificial light you desire in any room, for privacy as well as for aesthetics.

They come with a clever tab system that allows users to snap on/off bands quickly and easily, allowing for instant light control and easy cleaning. If you're looking for a window covering that facilitates light control, privacy and a modern look, choose TwistTM Shades from Hunter Douglas.

Design Options for TwistTM Shades

Our shades are made with both form and function in mind, and are available in two major design options:

01. Square Cassette 

With the square cassette option, you get the look of traditional shades that block out the light but still allow you to enjoy your view. Even when the shade is fully extended, you can still see the color and texture of the fabric—but not through it!

02. Modern Mounting Profile 

The modern mounting profile utilizes an anodized silver-white tube to take up less mounting space. This allows you to keep a seamless, clean look even as you mount multiple shades throughout your home or office.

03. Innovative Bottom Bar

Never have you seen a more stylish way to add personality to your window treatments. These shades are designed with a sleek design that allows the shade to taper and narrow from top to bottom. It creates a stylish look that perfectly matches and coordinates with your decor style.

Fabric Variety Offered for TwistTM Shades

Our TwistTM Shade collection is available in a variety of luxurious fabrics and colors that will fit any decor from modern to traditional. The solid bandwidth is 7.5cm and the sheer bandwidth ranges from 4.5cm to 5cm, depending on the fabric type. Whether you're looking for translucent or dim-out fabric, we've got you covered.

TwistTM Shades Size Limitations You Should Know 

If you're thinking of installing TwistTM Shades, there are some size limitations to be aware of.

Minimum width of 610mm and a drop of 405mm are required in order for the shades to fit properly. However, don't worry about getting too extravagant: The maximum limits of TwistTM Shades are: Width - 2450mm | Drop - 3000mm.