TwistTM Shades with PowerView® Automation
20 May 2022

With PowerView® Automation, you can adjust your blinds with a simple button push. This means you can face the sun during the day and block it out when you don't want it, all without getting up from your chair.

If you're like most people, though, you've probably never thought to yourself: "I wish I could adjust my blinds without getting up from my chair." But now with TwistTM Shades with PowerView® Automation, that dream is a reality!

With TwistTM Shades, all it takes is a push of a button to adjust your shades. You can face the sun when you want it and block it out when you don't.

TwistTM Shades are perfect for any home or business that needs shade automation. The shade's motorized system allows you to raise or lower your shades with a simple twist of a knob—no remote control required! And if that weren't enough, it also comes with Powerview® Automation so that you can control your shades from anywhere in your home or business. So whether you're upstairs or downstairs, watching TV in the living room or cooking dinner in the kitchen, just twist and go!

This article aims to discuss how TwistTM Shades and its Powerview® Automation can improve the quality of life in a home.


What are TwistTM Shades ?

 TwistTM Shades are the latest window coverings from Hunter Douglas. They are made up of a combination of sheer and solid fabric bands in a single shade, providing a modern solution for view-through, light control and privacy.


TwistTM Shades are available in a wide range of colours and patterns to coordinate with any decorating style. They also come in a variety of sizes, including standard and custom sizes, which can be made to fit any window or door opening.


When installed properly, TwistTM Shades will provide years of dependable service at an affordable price point.


How can TwistTM Shades be operated?


The TwistTM Shades control system is designed to enhance child safety. The standard and easy operating system, our chain tensioner, is designed to enhance child safety.

TwistTM Shades come with the options of the following control systems:

Easy Rise - Standard and easy to operate, our chain tensioner is designed to guarantee children's safety.

PowerView® Automation - Through this revolutionary wireless operating system, you are able to control or schedule your TwistTM Shades via remote control on your smartphone or through the app.


Automating your TwistTM Shades-

The PowerView® automation system is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep their home safe, secure and accessible.

  •  The Pebble and Surface Remote control allow you to adjust the TwistTM Shades with the push of one button, offering greater accuracy and control than manual shades do.

Whether you're looking to add a little privacy to your home office or turn down the lights in your bedroom, Pebble and Surface Remote are easy to use and will help you get the job done quickly.

  • With the PowerView® Repeater, you can control the shades from anywhere at any time.  This tiny signal booster plugs into any electrical outlet in your home and increases the signal's range throughout.

  •  Control your TwistTM Shades at any time with the PowerView® Automation App. It is easier and more convenient than ever, as it provides you with perfect light and saves energy.

  • Through the PowerView® Automation App, you can schedule TwistTM Shades to move automatically throughout the day. All this can be controlled by a voice command, a touch on your mobile device or a button on your device.

  •  The PowerView® Hub is the brain of your PowerView® automation system. It connects to your wifi network, and then it stores all of your customized settings. It also activates schedules and provides a central point of control for all of your lights.

  • Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and others can be integrated with the PowerView® App. By integrating your shades with your smartphone or tablet, you are able to customize room scenes for your shades and control them throughout the day.



 The right shades for your windows can make a world of difference in the atmosphere of your home. At HunterDouglas, we offer a wide variety of options that are designed to match any decorating style and meet your needs.


If you want to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, at just a tap of a button then the PowerView® automation system is what you need. This system allows you to control all of your shades with one remote control or app, so you can enjoy the benefits of shade control without having to get up!

Hunter Douglas offers a full line of interior decoration products that are designed to help you achieve your vision for the space. Whether it’s curtains or shades, we have something for everyone!