Unique Design Features of TwistTM Shades- Hunter Douglas
29 Apr 2022
When it comes to purchasing items for your home, you will notice that shades and curtains are always at the bottom of every list. 
It is because they are not a major concern when compared with other necessities like bathtubs or breakfast tables. 
Shades and curtains are vital because: 
  • They provide privacy and protection for your furniture. 
  • They keep us comfortable and safe from prying eyes. 
But we certainly do not put them high up on the priority list. 
Many people even purchase these items from stores with low-quality products which can cause huge problems in their homes as well as be a great hindrance to privacy and productivity.
Saving money by sacrificing productivity and putting your furniture at risk? That's not such a good idea, so why not try TwistTM Shades by Hunter Douglas? 
In this article, we'll be discussing what TwistTM Shades are, their benefits and the unique design features that make them stand out from the others!

What are TwistTM Shades?
TwistTM Shades by Hunter Douglas are the newest window solution that offers a modern solution to view-through, light control and privacy. 
Made with sheer and solid bands of fabric, TwistTM Shades offer a fantastic way to completely change the look of your home.
  • TwistTM Shades provide solutions for a variety of purposes. 
  • They are not just fashionable, but also practical. 
  • There are many reasons why TwistTM Shades is the best choice for you and your home.
  • It can add a classy touch to any space, 
  • TwistTM Shades help control the flow of natural light and prevent your home from feeling too exposed. 
  • It uses sheer and solid fabric bands in one shade that is combined together to provide a stylish solution for controlling light or privacy.
  • TwistTM Shades give you power over how much visibility you want into each room as well as letting through enough natural light so it doesn’t seem like we have our curtains closed all day long!
Benefits of choosing TwistTM Shades
TwistTM Shades provide many benefits to their users, such as excellent privacy and light control. 
It is flexible enough that they can adapt to different situations.
The flexible functionalities of TwistTM Shades are achieved by its different positions.
  1. Open position:
    When the shades are in the open position, they align and create a view-through fabric that filters out harsh light. The soft filtered light gives a perfect amount of filtered sunlight without being too much for your eyes to handle. They're the ideal solution for someone who needs extra privacy and protection from harsh sunlight but wants natural lighting as well. 
  2. Closed position:
    When the shades are in the closed position, the sheer bands align with the solid fabric bands. This causes complete privacy and no one can see inside your house when they use their binoculars or telescope to check out your home! This solution is perfect for privacy and keeping your house secure.

  3. Raise position:
    The shades can be raised in the open position or closed position. This feature is helpful when you want to see outside while also getting sunlight and seeing through a window, as well as not blocking your view of it. This position is ideal when you want an unobstructed view, the raised position of the window covering allows you to admire the scenery while keeping your room secure and dark.