Wood Blinds Vs Faux Wood Blinds - Features, Benefits & Advantages
07 Jan 2022
Which one should you go for, wood blinds or faux blinds? And which one is better? Do faux blinds look and feel like real blinds? When to go for faux blinds and when to opt for wood blinds? What is the difference between wood blinds and faux blinds?

And there may be a lot more doubts, regarding what exactly should you opt for, while going ahead wood blinds

It’s essential to know a product before buying it, as it is about the look and aesthetic of your house interior, which cannot be taken for granted.

We understand how necessary this purchase is for you. So we would like to throw some light, on which is the best product to opt for, which product would best suit your home décor, have a positive impact on the environment and be durable at the same time

What Is The Difference Between Wood Blinds And Faux Blinds?
You will not be able to spot much differences in terms of their appearance since both provide the classic authentic wood look. But they are made from different materials.

Wood blinds are made from authentic wood. As the name suggests, Faux wood Blinds are not real wood blinds, they are made of materials like advanced polyresin, and they are made to match the colour of wood blinds.

So faux woods are a substitute for wood blinds, creating the same look and feel as wood blinds.

Benefits And Features Of Wood Blinds 

01 Natural Insulator 

Wood blinds are made of real wood, a natural insulator that protects from excessive heat. It thus reduces the consumption of electricity, enhances your productivity, and saves your furniture from harmful sun rays. Since wood blinds bring down your energy consumption, they are good for the environment as well

02 Natural look

Natural is real. Wood blinds from Hunter Douglas are made of authentic, pure wood, so the true wood grains and rich, authentic texture are clearly visible. They are excellent to enhance the interiors of your living room and bedroom.

03 Wide size and variety to choose from

Hunter Douglas offers wood blinds in various sizes, thus letting you choose the right ones to match your windows.

Benefits And Features Of Faux Wood Blinds

01 Durable  

Faux wood blinds look similar to wood blinds but are made of materials like waterproof polyresin, providing better durability against moisture. They are moisture-resistant and are thus, a better choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens where wood blinds might get damaged.

02 Easier to clean

Faux blinds are easy to clean, and if there is a need for in-depth cleaning, you can even wash them using water without worrying about them getting damaged. Also, the material does not crack or fade.

03 Economical 

Faux wood blinds are a more economical choice. You get a natural look for your house without spending more money.

Which One To Go For?

If you want a material that looks good, whose texture gives you the feel of wood, insulates against the sun and is lighter, then go for authentic wood blinds as faux wood blinds are a bit heavier. 

But if you want to go for a more economical option and gain the comfort of cleaning without worrying about the blinds getting damaged, then faux wood blinds make much more sense. They are more suitable for humid places like the bathroom or laundry room, 

You can also choose the combination of both, i.e. to use wood blinds in your living room and bedrooms and use faux blinds in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry where more use of water takes place. By doing this, you maintain a consistent design for your interior and keep the durability intact.

Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood Blinds 

01 Enjoy Evergreen Style

Constructed using the finest possible woods and alternative woods, Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds add a timeless window style. 

Available in exciting colour palettes from modern greys and whites to chic black or beautiful natural wood tones to complement your entire home, including the living room, bathroom and bedroom windows.

02 Create A Perfect Finishing Touch

You can customise your wood blinds according to your interior by adding stunning finishing details from our exclusive collection of decorative tapes. Choose a simple classic look, solid colour or anything you wish to suit your living space.

03 Perfect Choice For Every Room

Hunter Douglas stylish faux wood blinds do not just look stunning but are also highly durable. They are water-resistant, and so, they can easily be cleaned. They also handle the humidity of the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room and will not crack or fade.

04 Compatible with PowerView Automation System

With motorised operating systems like PowerView® Automation, you can schedule your shades to move throughout the day with the touch of a button, a tap on a mobile device or the sound of your voice as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa home devices.

With the PowerView Automation system, you can control your shade from any location in the world.

Wood or faux wood blinds give your interior a great classic style, a combination of traditional and modern looks. And, they are available in different patterns and colours so you can choose which one is best suited for your home interior.